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NGs' Guide to Reviewing! NGs' Guide to Reviewing!

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really man, 4megs is taking the piss, learn to compress your files, then try and tell us how to review stuff.

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Potski responds:

Bad review. Read the guide again.

( ( ( The Truth ) ) ) ( ( ( The Truth ) ) )

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I can see why your pissed about bad reviews,,,,

but after all this Is a flash site, not a skateboarding one.ppl dont come to newgrounds to see you and your friends scating, they come to see & play good flash.
I can tottally uderstand why ppl fly off the handle at you because you import movies, its mainly because of the size of them, not so much for the time it takes them to d/l it, but because of the space it takes up on the newgrounds server, coz after all the fulps pay for this shit, and im asuming that they intend it for flash artists, not for skate boarders to show off their latest reason for going to casulty.

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:


NOw i just read that ::::

not for skate boarders to show off their latest reason for going to casulty.

What about KNOX? Showing off his clay abilities? that is not flash, or no where near a flash artist. or showing off how funny he is at dubmign?

10 Buckets! 10 Buckets!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

you sick bastard,,

well done on the movie.

Hightimes at LockParty Hightimes at LockParty

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice movie,,

though i would try reduceing the file size, stream the audio if your not already doing it.oh and tell bannana lock to pass some of that shit my way.

Dragon-Lock responds:

hehe, thanks for the review.

All the audio to my knowledge is streamed, the 1 mb comes from a streamed 3 min song by Apple_Lock I tacked onto the end for the credits page. It added about 600kb to the file.

I'll let banana know your eyeing his weed :p

My Landlord The Devil #3 My Landlord The Devil #3

Rated 2 / 5 stars

you can draw,

but unfortunatly you have'nt figured out how to put sound and animation into your cartoons , LEARN.

Megaman and X Megaman and X

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I gave you a 0 for a few reasons

1)The only thing you drew was some (shity) speech bubles and some pathetic excuse for explosions.
2)None of the sound was yours, but for some reason you are getting credit for it (eg. the last reveiw you got)
3)there was no background , how hard is it to get a good background jpeg or gif? , or even draw one.
4)3,576.2Kb, wtf is that about , do you not know how to stream and compress music?If not LEARN HOW TO because unless you are a complete retard you will know that the fulps PAY MONEY for space on the internet , and the more flash like this they get , the more newgrounds will need to pay to get upgrades.
5)this is about the 100th mega man sprit cartoon I have seen like this, losts of sprites , lots of other peeps music and no plot.

Please dont stop doing flash because of this review , it isnt ment as an insult , more of an explanation of why people here wont put up with stuff like this.
I think if you put a little more effort into your flash it would be alot better and you wouldnt get people like me giving you shity review and votes.


Where I wanna go part 1 Where I wanna go part 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quite good,,

It could have been better at certain points , but not bad for a first.
Keep up the good work.


ReQsa responds:

I think, that you just choked in something here!
1) This is not my first movie, It's my movie, nr 16 or something, and 2) Be sure to watch part 2, when I submit that!!

Red Tie Formal Ep.1 Red Tie Formal Ep.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


But I liked the humor , did you get the hay ball blowing past from a uk tv programme called shooting stars?

Fury - Preview Fury - Preview

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

bla bla bla bla bla bla ,

did you need to have so much writing at the start , apart from that and it being a bit too dbz it was a really good cartoon , but in some parts the frame size was a bit out , the animation was fluid in most parts , but i always get a bit snide with my votes when i find out the artist is a 17 year old dbz fan , there really is no excuse for that ,IM NOT SAYING THIS FLASH IS BAD THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ANMINE STYLE FLASH CARTOONS IV EVER SEEN but I have to dissagre when you say dbz doesnt suck , and that the story is good , what have you learnd from dbz , have you evrer seen a real persons hair turn blonde when they loose thier temper? have you ever seen some one with a monkey tail? have you ever seen some one "power up"? I'll let you answer.
you would have got a 5 but i dont like the way you say you have finished the movie , why not just submit the whole thing?

AkiraToriyamaJR responds:

thanks for voting but always remember your never to old to be a fan of anythng. ok to answer your quetions. 1.i think people dont realize what akira did. if u ever watched a typical anime, the bad guy is mean. but oku is like a child with a good heart. thats why i like dbz, not s much glossy eyes hair n detailed scenary. 2.ive learned alot of tricks in animating. how to make something look like its going fast. 3.when you asked the 3 questions to me, ask yourself have you eve seen a person die from wathcing a tape ( the ring ) have you ever head of a fifth element power ( the fifth element ) do you see walkng and talking animals ( cartoons and space jam ) Think about it. its just a cartoon ,fictional, and you make it like it has to be real. thats the beauty of animations. make your imagination come tru. Last,my move is 43.5MB thats way over the limit because of sounds and music. i wont trim them because it makes the movie whack. i am done with it but im taking a break now. hope i answered your questions

Gun Tests 2 Gun Tests 2

Rated 0 / 5 stars

wow , what skills you have

no background , the music didnt stream , all the bullets looked the same , the rocket looked like a piece of clay , and the frame rate at the end when the target exploded was shit , the finger on the trigger didnt move and to top it all off the sound efects are so common that allmost everybody could have made this.
Before you make something like this again i sujest you read the front page , and find what tom said about optimiseing flash so that flash like this wont fuck up the badwith.
Learn how to tween properly and then learn how to make more than one layer , then I'll consider not giving you a really shitty review.
I'll give you a 0 and put the url up on the blam club website.